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If you would like to see the following Events
Then we need YOU!

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Possible Events and Community Activities:
Decorating of our Monument Area for the Holidays
Newsletter Reporter, Photographer, & Editor
Neighborhood Watch Program
Promote Safety Programs in the Community
Cellular On Patrol
Community Wide Alerts and Bulletins
Community BBQ/Picnic & National Night Out
Feasibility of Walking Trails through our Greenbelts
Organize Community Wide Garage Sales
Coordinate Yard of Month Contests
Holiday Decoration Contests
The success of these programs and activities
is up to YOU!!!


January 1, 2015 - New City Ordinance
Illegal to use cell phones for talk or text while driving in the City of San Antonio.  See message from Chief McManus.

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Fireworks are Illegal within
San Antonio City Limits.

Call the Fireworks Hotline
207-7963 to report violators.

COSA Free APP does a clean sweep of waste management services in San Antonio and other locations, with garbage and recycling as well as brush and bulky item collection details. (for Andriod & IPhones)


C.O.P. (Cellular On Patrol) Schedule
The C.O.P. training class now only requires a four (4) hour one time session with an optional police ride along.  Unless otherwise noted, all weekday classes will start at 6:00 P.M. and all Saturday classes will start at 8:00 A.M.  Classes are held at the North Police Substation at 13030 Jones Maltsberger.  For questions or for more information contact Officer J. McDonald at 207-6086.

HEAT! Program
HEAT! stands for "Help End Auto Theft".  This is a program where vehicle owners place a numbered decal on their vehicle which gives any police officer permission to stop that vehicle between the hours of 1:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M.  Decals are available at any of the six SAPD Substations.  Please bring your vehicle registration and your vehicle to the substation to obtain the HEAT decal.  There is no cost. 

Home Security Surveys
A complete security survey of the home is conducted.  The Crime Prevention Officer examines locks, doors, strike plates, and windows.  Exterior and interior lighting are also examined, as well as shrubbery and fencing.   Written suggestions on how to improve the security of the home are given.   If the residence qualifies, the homeowner may receive a 5% discount on homeowners insurance premium.

For more information regarding any of these programs
please call the North S.A.F.F.E. unit at 207-8350.

Click Here for more information on the dedication of our Trojan Horse property to the City for a city park.

Announcing Board approved:
Architectural Control Manual
Board Resolution - Lot Maintenance

No Soliciting
The City Council has passed a new Handbill Distribution Ordinance to limit solicitation in our community.
Click Here for City Flyer.

SAPD SMART Initiative
Report Criminal Activity On-Line
(Strategic Management for Accelerated Response Times)

To report a property crime such as graffiti, burglary, theft or other criminal mischief, go to
www.sanantonio.gov/SAPD/reports.asp and fill out the online form and submit it to the SAPD.

Once a report is submitted, a report-taker will contact the citizen by e-mail and provide a case number. As a result, an officer will not need to be dispatched to the citizen’s home to write the report. The SMART Initiative shifts response to agencies that are better-suited to handle situations where no criminal intent is present (for example, calls about animals that do not pose an imminent threat to safety, or code compliance calls).


Did You Know?
There is a city ordinance to keep public sidewalks free and clear and it is the responsibility of each lot owner to maintain this area in front of their homes.
$500 Fine
Click Here for Flyer.

Feral Hogs

It is estimated that there are more than 1.5 million feral hogs in Texas.  Some of them have recently taken up residence in our greenbelts and drainage easements.  The literature suggests that Feral hogs virtually can't be eliminated.  At best, they might be controlled somewhat.  Trapping a few might be possible but more will probably be taking their place.
Feral hogs are omnivorous; they eat both plant and animal matter.  Foods include grasses, roots, and tubers, acorns, fruits, bulbs and mushrooms.  Animal matter includes insects, snails, earthworms, reptiles, amphibians, and carrion (dead animals), as well as live mammals and birds if given the opportunity.  Feral hogs are especially fond of acorns and corn.  Oak trees offer up the acorns and in our case the corn is being inadvertently made available by providing feed for birds and neighboring deer.
Please Click Here for Wild Hog Flyer
Numerous reports of Feral Hogs roaming the Bulverde Creek basin.  Please take caution and teach your children to avoid all wildlife they may encounter.

Please visit the
Texas Parks and Wildlife web site for more information.

Community Calendar of Events:
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REMINDER:  To have your event posted on the Community Calendar e-mail Lisa@ams-sa.com and please allow 10 business days to be added to web site.
Community Wide Events Only

Yard of the Month Contest Details

Starting in April and running through September 2017 the Woodview at Bulverde Creek HOA will be having a “Yard of the Month” Contest.  This contest is designed to foster participation by home ‘occupiers (owners and renters) in making the neighborhood look nicer and to reward those home ‘occupiers’ who put a little extra effort into making their front yard more attractive.
The last week of each month the HOA Board members will nominate several yards for the “Yard of the Month” and a simple majority of Board members will determine a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place yard.  The 1st place yard will be awarded a $50 Home Depot gift card as well as a sign signifying they have the “Yard of the Month”.  The 2nd and 3rd place yards will each receive $25 Home Depot gift cards to reward them for their effort in keeping the neighborhood looking nice.  The winning addresses will also be posted on this website.
The Board understands the determination of what is “most appealing” is somewhat subjective and open to interpretation and personal opinion, however, landscaped, mowed, trimmed, and weed free yards are more likely to garner nominations for the yard of the month.  To eliminate potential conflicts of interest currently serving Board members’ yards are not eligible for nomination for the “Yard of the Month”.

There is no requirement by any homeowner or renter to actively participate in the contest, however, given the nature of the contest, home ‘occupiers’ choosing to ignore their regular yard maintenance requirements may see violations for failing to keep their yards maintained as more attention is paid to all yards for the next six months.  No one will be told to water or mow their yards more often than is necessary to meet the minimum requirements contained in the DCCR (section 7.1 Property and Lot Maintenance states that “No owner shall permit weeds or grass to grow to a height greater than six (6) inches…”)  Additionally, any address receiving a landscaping maintenance violation during the course of a calendar month will not be eligible for the “Yard of the Month” contest for that calendar month.

June 2017 Winners

1st -3714 Lenten Rose
2nd - 3707 Cascade Cove
3rd - 3934 Canyon Parkway

Past Publications & eNEWS:
(Click on file name below to download publications that have been scanned into Adobe Acrobat Reader format)

2015.10.30 - Notice of Annual Meeting
2015.11.07 - Community Wide Garage Sale Flyer
2015.08.04 - Notice of Quarterly Board Meeting
2015.03.12 - Notice of Quarterly Board Meeting
2014.12.18 - New Governing Documents added
2014.12.02 - Holiday Contest & Wild Hogs
2014.11.11 - Notice of Annual Meeting
2014.08.03 - Notice of Quarterly Board Meeting
2014.04.08 - Community Wide Garage Sale
2014.03.02 - Notice of Quarterly Board Meeting
2014.02.13 - Animal Cruelty
2013.12.18 - Near by Development Information
2013.08.18 - Public Sidewalks
2013.07.10 - Reminder SAWS Stage 2
2013.05.10 - REMINDER Community Wide Garage Sale
2013.04.06 - Community Wide Garage Sale
2013.03.21 - Notice of Board Meeting
2013.02.08 - Bulverde Road Status
2013.01.06 - Notice of Reconvened Meeting.
2012.12.21 - Notice of Reconvened Annual Meeting
2012.11.27 - Change of Annual Meeting Place & Time
2012.11.14 - Annual Meeting Notice & Proxy
2012.09.20 - Notice of Board Meeting
2012.09.01 - Mosquito Buster Flyer
2012.08.04 - Bulverde Oaks Apartments
2012.07.25 - Volunteers Needed
2012.06.15 - Bulverde Road Expansion Status
2012.06.11 Billing Insert
2012.06.08 - Notice of rescheduled BOD Meeting
2012.05.11 - Notice of  Board Meeting
2012.05.04 - Community Garage Sale
2012.02.21 - Harper Oaks
2012.01.17 Newsletter - Winter Edition
2010.12.21 - Holiday Contest Winners
2010.12.09 - Holiday Contest Announcement
2010.11.02 - Annual Meeting Reminder
2010.10.18 - Meeting Time Correction
2010.10.18 Annual Meeting Notice
2010.10.17 - Annual Meeting Notice
2010.08.17 Lot Maintenance Standards Letter
2010.07.31 - New ACC Standards
2010.06.29 - Happy Independence Day
2009.11 2010 Billing & Budget Announcement
2009.11.06 Annual Meeting Speakers
2009.10.16 4th Annual Holiday Decorating Contest Flyer
2009.10.16 Halloween Decorating Contest Flyer
2009.10.16 Garage Sale Flyer
2009.07.13 Alert Flyer Suspicious Activity
2008.12.08 3rd Annual Holiday Decorating Contest Flyer
2008.11.10 2009 Billing & Budget Announcement
2008.08.05 Community Alert Vehicle & Home Break-in
2008.06.08 Billing Insert: Garbage Containers
2008.05.30 Bottle Bomb Advisory
2008.04.30  Garage Sale Notice
2007.11.01 2008 Billing & Budget Announcement
2007.10.23  Halloween Flyer & Dog Attack
2007.10.01  Letter from the Board of Directors
2007.08.15 Dedication Flyer
2006.12.01 Holiday Decorating Contest
2006.12.01 "Trojan Horse" Flyer
2006.11.28  Speed Limit Letter to City
2006.11.20 2007 Assessment Notice
2006 Newsletter  - Summer Edition
2005.12.28 Official Notice-Late Fees
2005 Newsletter - Winter Edition
2005.10.13 Letter to Membership
2005 Newsletter - Summer Edition
2005 Membership  Survey Results
2005 Newsletter - Spring Edition


File a Police Report:
The San Antonio Police Department conducts Cellular On Patrol (C.O.P.) classes on a regular basis.

The Board of Directors highly recommends community residents to attend these classes. During this training, officers will emphasize highly that criminal incidents need to be reported to SAPD every time and a police report completed.

Some homeowner victims feel that it is a waste of time in that the culprit won’t be found anyway. SAPD staffing and manpower allocations are largely determined by the volume of crime patrol areas experience. They maintain a data base reflecting the locations and type of crimes. When incidents are routinely reported by homeowners, the data base better reflects the patrol needs and surveillance needs for that area which in turn drives officer allocation by the SAPD Administrators.

So, when you hear of incidents in our neighborhood or near by, encourage the victims to file a police report.


New San Antonio City Ordinance; all Cats & Dogs must be licensed.
Click Here for more information.

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